7 tricks to take care of the dog's hair at home


Tips and tricks to keep your dog's hair soft, silky and shiny. Take note and your pet will wear fur.

Cats and dogs are pets that We usually welcome in our homes and their care has always been a priority. In this case we are going to talk about how to make our dogs brush their hair brightness and be visibly cared for and clean.

The first thing to do is not stress if the dog has a lot of hair to brush and take it easy to have a clean and smooth appearance, and is that the cu>

The general idea when talking about a dog with a healthy coat is undoubtedly bright, colorful, silky and knot-free, however it is true that it's hard to keep a dog still for a long time and much harder even if our pet It is one of these restless and nervous dogs that does not stop wanting to play and run everywhere.

So, despite all the cons we have, in our favor there is always that there are some bases that we can follow to take care of your hair and that at least the appearance of the hair is healthy and the skin is nourished and healthy.

If we talk about the skin we must consider that it is one of our priorities, and that is the source of hair nourishment, So, to bathe and take care of our dog, we must use soaps suitable for dogs that manage to hydrate and nourish the scalp and keep free of infections.

For this reason we must get away from possible products that may have chemical agents that inflame or mistreat the animal's skin and give all kinds of care. Dogs are not human, remember it whenever you go to use a shampoo that is not indicated for them. (Nothing bad has to happen, but it is better to give the necessary care and save the possible problem). However, like humans, there is a Wide variety of dog hair hygiene products with natural options such as oatmeal, wheat or natural oils, in addition to therapeutic products such as moisturizers, astringent or antiallergic.

Bathing our pet is another of the great headaches of every dog ​​owner (and pet in general), but it is essential to give your hair the necessary care and should be done every three weeks, Although there are dogs that are required to bathe in a much more spaced way to avoid losing the natural texture of their hair, since there are those that have a wire-like texture that can be spoiled if the bath does not leave a reasonable space of time and is done too often.

On the other hand, there are also especially smelly pets that require more particular care, these can be bathe more often and consult with the veterinarian possible food supplements or "beauty" products canine that can come in handy to eliminate those odors that bother you so much.


Brushing your hair is one of the most important parts when it comes to taking care of our dog's hair to get his shine and softness, and it is that to get a silky hair it is necessary to brush them every day thoroughly.

If it is true that dogs with little hair do not need to brush so often and a couple of times or three a week is more than enough, however dogs with a reasonable amount of hair must untangle their hair every day to avoid the formation of knots and disastrous entanglements that then have to be cut.

To perform this task and take care of the hair correctly, a barbed brush or normal bristle and normal brushing, as the dog likes the most. Grab the brush, lie with the dog and brush its hair until you see that it stops falling or is sufficiently detangled. And you will also love it!

On the other hand do not panic if you see that hair loss is very abundant, Since there are two very large sheds of hair a year: one during winter and the other when spring enters when summer approaches, there are also factors that can also affect this hair loss: he stress, the temperament of the pet or the feeding they affect their fall and sometimes they are factors beyond everything we can take care of.


Food is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when it comes to keep our pet's fur healthy and shiny, in this case of our dog, so offering the canine a balanced and balanced diet, with correct contributions of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as fats, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and antioxidants will make us improve the state both of your skin like your hair.

They can be offered homemade products like tuna (like cats), or some blue fish, but it will be more difficult for a dog to consume this type of products than a cat, so it is not necessary to resort to this. Right now any kind of special food that is bought in a veterinary clinic It contains the supplements that our pet needs.

In veterinary pharmacies there are also a large number of products with fatty acids which are used to reinforce the daily contribution in particular cases of dogs that may suffer a large hair loss some type of skin ailment. Obviously these products or supplements should only be given in cases indicated by the veterinarian.

In short, if you want shine, softness and smooth hair in your pet's hair, follow these steps that will not take you long: you just have to feed the animal correctly, Brush it often and keep it neat with the products needed for in-depth care.

Remember that in the brightness of your hair also influence more factors outside the care that you give it and that you will not always get the desired effect on your hair since each breed has a different touch and appearance, however you can contribute to it being healthy and strong so that both the dog and you enjoy the good health of it .

Trick 1. When and how to brush the dog

Brushing the dog is very important: it keeps your hair clean and takes care of the canine skin. In addition, brushing the dog's hair also favors its circulation, as the brush spikes exert a very beneficial massage on it and, if done well, also very pleasant for the four-legged friend.

Brushing should be part of the home care routine. But When to brush the can and how?

The first thing to remember is that brushing the dog should be before the bath and not later. "Wet hair gets tangled up more than dry hair, so the wet canine coat is harder to brush," says veterinarian Sarah Hoggan, author of an extensive manual on canine hygiene.

To avoid filling the house with hairs, you have to cover the floor with a towel of the room where you intend to brush and kindly invite him to sit. In this way, dead hairs will end up in the towel and not on the floor.

Brushing frequency The dog varies with the length and type of coat: curly, smooth, long or short. The advice is to brush every day, at least a couple of times a week. But dogs with hair that tends to form knots may need more than one brush a day.

Trick 2. Which brush to use according to the type of hair of the dog

The right brush for dog hair It depends on its size and coat. Long-haired dogs need daily care with a long, stiff barbed brush and a wide barbed comb against tangles. Short hair dogs are fixed with one or two brushes a week.

The rubber brushes, glove type, help clean dust and dirt trapped in the mantle. The trick? After the glove, you just have to use a soft brush and a metal barb to catch dead hair. "The metal barbed brushes drag more hair and help us keep healthy canine hair," says veterinarian Patricia Gonzalez.

Why is it important to know how to take care of a dog's hair?

It is important to accustom the dog to brushing from puppy, in this way he will take it as a habit and as something positive and will be allowed to comb more easily. Some dogs like to be combed, but others can be somewhat elusive. To avoid the latter, start as soon as possible with this custom.

Also, if you comb your dog frequently, you won't have a house full of dog hair! Frequent brushing removes dead hairs, so you won't find them anymore on the floor and furniture.

If you brush your dog at least every two days, you will also remove dust and dirt, so it will smell less and you can space the bathrooms. In addition, you will often look at your hair, so you will detect possible fleas, ticks or other parasites before they do more damage. Definitely, You will be giving health and control to your dog.

Tip 4. How to choose the dog shampoo

Does your dog have curly or straight hair? Do you have short and hard or long fur with a tendency to create knots? Remember check the animal's coat before choosing its shampoo or get advice from a trusted canine hairdresser.

And the most important: never use your shampoo (not a child one) to bathe the dog, since his skin would be irritated and even wounded. Dogs and humans are different, and these differences include skin and hair. The dog needs a specific shampoo. While your skin has a pH close to 7.5 (basic), the bumana barely reaches 5.5 (acid). This difference is too large to use the same products during the bath. "The shampoos act on the pH of the skin, so if we use a human product we will cause irritation and even wounds in the dog," warns José Santiago García, distributor in Spain of high quality canine cosmetic products.

How to comb your dog?

How to care for a dog's hair will depend on the type of hair you have. You need an appropriate hairbrush that your dog has: long, short, fine, hard, for delicate skin ... There are lots of options on the market, look for the one that best suits the needs of your hairy! Both your veterinarian and the pet store staff will recommend you the best for your dog.

Start at the spine, following the head, chest and legs. You must always comb your hair, Gradually undoing the knots, being careful not to pull. Do it delicately and it will thank you!

When combing your dog, pay special attention to:

  • Legs: If you have very dirty, take the opportunity to moisten the hair with a sponge or cloth and clean them. That way you will space the bathrooms more and free you from possible infections. It is a good time to check the condition of your nails.
  • Tail: You also need brushing, especially if it is long, as it will drag a lot of dirt.
  • Snout: It is often more dirty by food, in addition to dogs sniffing everything and putting their snouts everywhere. Wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Eyes: Dogs, like us, produce legañas. The time of the hairstyle is ideal to clean your eyes with gauze and physiological serum.

When you're done, don't hesitate to give him a good reward! This is especially important if you are in the process of adapting to brushing, It will help your dog see this practice as something positive.

If you detect any type of abnormality in your hair or skin, you should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. There are problems, such as atopic dermatitis, that are really common in dogs.

And remember, if you have any questions about how to take care of a dog's hairYou can always ask your veterinarian or a dog groomer! It will give you personalized advice.

Trick 5. How to cut the dog's hair at home

If the domestic economy is tight, but the dog needs a haircut, there are tricks to do it at home safely. The haircutters at home that humans use are not appropriate for dogs, since the maximum length they allow may not be enough for dogs and there is a risk of causing injuries and burns. The advice is invest in a razor to cut the hair of the can in the hoagr. There are more than decent from about 100 euros and can be used many times.

Another recommendation? Remember take special care in areas where the dog's skin is thinner, such as the neck, face, around the eyes, ears, armpits, the navel, genitals or between the fingers. A small pull on these parts can cause injuries. The advice It is to alternate the most general homemade haircuts, with visits to the dog grooming to deal with those more delicate areas.

  • Here you go Tips for cutting the dog's hair at home.

Trick 6. Taking care of dog hair is fun with petting!

Brushing the dog should be a fun time and an excuse to pamper him. To achieve it, you have to pamper it with daily caresses, although it is not intended to brush. This will make you more comfortable when the time comes to take the brush.

The ideal thing is to make brushing an extension of the caresses, so forget about brushing machacón! Alternate affectionate words and massages on the head and behind the ears of the dog. Who would not melt and plant a belly up with this display of human love?

Tip 7. Foods that take care of the dog's hair

Dog hair needs to hydrate to be healthy and shiny. If you notice that your hair is off or has dandruff, you should consult with the veterinarian, as there are foods such as salmon or tuna They can help you.

Another option is to use oil sardines canned (not spicy or seasoned), as they are an important source of omega 3 and 6, good acids that hydrate hair and skin. You can add a teaspoon to the can's food once a week. But there are more foods that take care of the dog's hair and skin.

A good brushing

Humans build a good part of our lives through strongly established routines. The same must happen with animals.

Therefore, get used to brushing your hair, if it can be daily and, if not, every two days at most. You will get less hair all over your house.

A good brush

If we want to optimize the results that will give us to brush your hair frequently it is essential that we use a suitable brush. In animal stores you will find a great variety, which it will depend not only on the type of hair but also on your skin.

Ask for professional advice.

Parasite free

Take advantage of that daily brushing that should be done to the dogs' hair to verify that the animal is free of parasites. It is very important that you keep this point in mind because It is key for your dog's fur to look good.

As we said, it is very important that we adopt the habit of brushing your hair but, in addition, we have to cultivate patience since depending on the type of hair your pet has will take more or less time.

Use those moments to join your dog more by caring for him with love.

Biweekly Baths

We should not become obsessed with the theme of the bathroom. Doing it every fifteen days is enough. Yes, if it gets stained in any way, it's good to wash it. If not, your pet's hair will not look as you would like.

It is important that you pay special attention to your tail. Think of it as a part of the anatomy of the animal that is always dragging along the ground. For this reason you need to spend time in their care.

The whole area that is around the mouth tends to get more dirty. Therefore, you should clean it in detail whenever you notice that it is dirty.

You have to be very careful so that the legañas or any other secretion of the eye does not stain the hair of the dogs.

With the legs something similar happens to what we commented in the case of the tail. They are always in contact with the ground, so it is a part of their body that usually gets dirty more often than others.

So, clean them regularly with the help of a damp sponge to ensure that they have no dirt and prevent staining the house.

We have seen good advice so that dogs' hair is taken care of properly. However, you may notice that, even though you follow them to the letter, especially when it comes to brushing, your dog loses too much hair or, at least, it gives you that impression.

Then You need to consult with your veterinarian, like any other problem you detect. In this way and with the many cares that you give your dog's fur it will look excellent.